Magna Online Courses

How do the courses work?
The courses are designed to be taken individually, at the learner’s pace and convenience. Upon successful completion, the learner receives a printable certificate.
The courses consist of a video presentation, a list of resources and a final certification check on learning.
To navigate the course, use the pull down menu to choose the unit you would like to view, then click the “View” button.
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Registration and Enrollment

How do I register for a course?

Course registration information for the following courses along with the ability to purchase is available at the following links:

Title IX for Faculty: Your Role in Helping Students

Title IX for Students: What You Need to Know

Why do I need to register for this site?
Information is required to provide certificates or for your campus to document participation.

How do I register for this site?
Click on the Register link at the center of the Home page. Fill in your user name (note: your user name cannot be changed) and provide a valid email address. You will receive an automatic email response with a password. Using the user name and password provided in the email, log in to the site from the home page. You will be prompted to complete your User Profile. To do so, click on the link at the top of the page.

How do I get a password for this site?
When you complete your initial registration with a user name and email address, you will receive a password by email. When you complete your User Profile, you may change your password.

Why do I need to complete a User Profile to enroll in a course?
The User Profile collects the personal information required to document your participation in a course. Once your User Profile is completed, all courses you enroll in and certificates you earn will be recorded for you.
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What devices does the course work on?
You can use any PC, Mac, or mobile device including tablets and smart phones. The courses are best viewed in the latest versions of Internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

How is access to the course controlled?
Individual purchasers are given an enrollment key from customer service upon purchase of a course on the Magna website. For group purchases, your campus administrator purchases a number of “seats” and provides participants with the enrollment key. Each learner signs up individually on the course website using his or her email, and sets up a password.  Once the number of purchased seats is reached, no more enrollments are permitted until the campus administrator purchases more seats.

How long does it take to complete a course?
Each unit takes one to two or more hours to complete, depending on your familiarity with the content. Courses typically include resources and bibliographies that are available after the course is complete. Some courses offer a discussion forum for group members during and after the course.

What is the MyCourses page?
MyCourses is your personal tracking page of your courses. You can return to MyCourses to check on your progress and print certificates.

How do I create a MyCourses page?
When you log in and complete your User Profile, your MyCourses page is created automatically.

Are the course videos closed captioned?
The videos are closed captioned. Please click on the closed captioning icon in the video player and choose En for English.
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Checks on learning

What is a passing score on the check on learning?
For most courses, a score of 80% is required to pass the check on learning.

What happens if I don’t pass the check on learning?
If you do not complete the  check on learning with the required passing score, you may take it up to three times.

How do I get my course certificate?
Once you have successfully completed the check on learning for a course, your completion certificate will be available at your MyCourses page. You may also return at any time to print out your certificate.
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What technology do I need to view a Magna Online Course?
There is no software to download. You’ll need:

The courses work on both PC and Mac computers as well as Apple and Android mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

The courses work best with the latest versions of Internet browsers.

What are the software requirements for viewing courses that include PDF files?
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PC installation download here, for Android devices download a pdf reader from GooglePlay, for Apple Devices download the Adobe PDF Reader).

How do you protect online privacy?

Our Privacy Policy outlines what information may be collected about you, how your information is used, and how we protect it. To view our Privacy Policy, click here. You can also access our Privacy Policy from the link at the bottom of the page.

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